The workplace of today and the future are always evolving. Work is done much faster, more efficiently and effectively. Organisations have to keep evolving to stay productive and profitable. Employees have to keep upgrading and stay relevant. While companies are enhancing their corporate brand identity, employees have to start building their personal brand to stay highly valuable. They need to ‘Talk The Talk’ and ‘Walk The Walk’.

Discover how to build your personal brand and become a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in this 2-day experiential workshop designed for corporate executives.

During the workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Get along with people of different personalities and build great relationships
  • Adapt easily to changes inside and outside your workplace
  • Strengthen your position at the workplace with respectable authority
  • Make your brand more visible inside and outside your workplace
  • Make your skills traversable


Day 1

  • Why Do You Need To Brand Yourself As A MVP? | How To Brand Your Professional Image As MVP? | What Does Branding Mean To You? | What Does Your Image Say About You? | Understand The 5 Perceived Images | Build Your Personal Brand As A MVP In 5 Steps | What Is Your Social Style? | What Is Your USP And How To Brand Them? | How Do You Create Irresistable Value For Others? | How To Develop Your Compelling Brand Slogan (CBS) | Personal Branding Examples: Real Life Case Studies Of Branding Hits and Misses

Day 2

  • Telling Your Brand Story: How To Differentiate and Optimise Your Brand | How to Communicate Your Brands As An MVO (Offline, Online) | Accentuate Your MVP Image In Brand Nu Way | Understand The 3V's of First Impression; Visual; Verbal; Vocal | Knowing How Fashion Apparels And Accessories Can Help You | Applying Colour Theory To Enhance Your Dressing Sense | Understanding Different Body Types And Their Flattering Designs | Understand Personal Grooming; Hair; Make-up; Hygiene | Adopting The 3P's; Poise; Posture; Pose


Course Fee

S$650.00 per participant with minimum of 9 to start the 2-day workshop